05/22/11 Picture a Day!

Who’s not afraid of Tightie Whities!?



05/21/11 Picture a Day!

Pigeon massage! The first one ducked down and the other one started walking on him and clawing him a little bit. They did this twice. The “client” actually ruffled his feathers after the Pigeon Therapist was done and they sat next to each other and chatted about their day. HAHA

05/20/11 Picture a Day!

05/19/11 Picture a Day!

Amazing how decomposition can make organisms blend in with their surroundings.

Even through death, it looks like it’s flying…

05/18/11 Picture a Day!



I got a secret…



I is Sexy Tofu!

05/17/11 Picture a Day!

Turtle Soup at Echo Park…

That water is filthy. I saw a dead one a few weeks ago, so I am making myself feel better by taking a picture of a live one.

05/16/11 Picture a Day!

The Catch-Up series. HAHA!


This was the most anti-climatic thing I have seen for hiking up the trail to the back of the Hollywood Sign. Seriously? And it says we can’t trespass! BAH!

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